Hapkido for Self Defense

What is Hapkido? 합기도

Hapkido is a Korean martial art known for its joint locks, circular motions, and use of pressure points. 
     Hap means "coordination"
     Ki means "the essence of power"
     Do means "the way"
A practitioners of hapkido uses the principles of non-resistance, turning an opponent's body weight, movement, and power against the attacker.

Why Hapkido for Self Defense?

Because Hapkido is based on circular movements and pressure points, a physically smaller and weaker person could defend against a larger and stronger attacker.
Of course, you should never use martial arts unless you or a loved one is physically threatened.  Please see Street Smarts for more information about using Hapkido in a real-life situation.
Hapkido can also be a fantastic way to get in shape.  Punching, kicking, and grappling are great for conditioning and strengthening.  Download the conditioning file below to see a daily warmup routine for students at MATC.
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